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Germany's southwestern state of Baden-Wurttemberg is colored by rich historical traditions, medieval churches, prestigious universities, fortified cities, and a sprawling geography peppered by romantic towns. Situated on the edge of this region, nestled between the Rhine River Valley to the west and the mountainous Black Forest to the east, rests the small town of Rust.

Mentioned in historic texts dating back to 762, Rust epitomizes the charm of old world Germany. Early settlers likely chose this spot for its proximity to high ground, and for the abundant natural resources the Rhine could provide. For well over 400 years, the fishing livelihood in Rust has been well documented through the establishment of local fishing guilds. The side streams and backwaters of the Rhine were also favorable to agriculture, providing rich, arable land ideal for growing hemp and flax, predominant regional crops since the mid-1400's. By the 18th and 19th centuries, however, tobacco was introduced to the region and influenced much of Rust's future economic development.

Several historic structures grace the streets of Rust, most notably the parish church of St. Peter in Chains. Originally built between 1728 and 1731, it remains one of the few parishes ordained by the fishing patron Peter, a testament to Rust's traditional way of life. While time, reconstruction, and an unfortunate fire have altered the appearance of the original building, many of its details remain intact.

Balthasar Castle, built in 1442, is another example of Rust's early history. A fine example of Renaissance architecture, this once moated castle was constructed by Strasbourg nobility, and remained in the possession of one of the last remaining lines of the Bocklin of Bocklinsau family until modern times, when it and its surrounding grounds, were purchased in the 1970's for the establishment of an amusement park.

Today, Balthasar Castle sits at the center of Europa Park, Germany's largest amusement park, second only in all of Europe to Disneyland-Paris. Europa Park is designed to reflect the multi cultured nature of Europe, with themed areas representing many of the continent's unique traditions including the London Bus, the Swiss Bob-Run, Viking Village, and a re-creation of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. With over four million annual visitors, Europa Park and its central feature Balthasar Castle, mark a unique juxtaposition in the changing culture of Rust, a culture that has fully embraced a modern tourist tradition.

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