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Built for children with a Lego theme, Legoland Windsor Theme Park is located in England near Windsor Castle. It was the second of the original Legoland parks to be built, and features activities, rides and games all centered around a Lego theme.

After the first park, Legoland Billund, was built and became highly successful in 1987, the Lego Group started doing research on a good area for a second park. The area that was once Windsor Safari Park was chosen in 1992 out of 1,000 sites considered. The 150-acre park had ample space for all the Legoland attractions that were planned and designed through 1993. Once all the safari animals were moved in 1994, the construction of the Legoland Windsor park began. Construction moved swiftly, and in the fall of 1995 advance tickets for the grand opening began to sell. The park opened in March 1996 with a full staff, and had close to 1.5 million visitors in its first year. Today the park is owned by Merlin Entertainment, which bought it and the other Legoland parks once Lego Group decided they were too costly to maintain.

Legoland Windsor is separated into a large number of themed areas, all full of shows, games, restaurants, rides and shops. Visitors first see Creation Centre, which is home to all the ticket booths and guest services. In the Imagination Centre guests will find Build & Test Workshops, the Robolab Workshop, Lego Mindstorm Workshop and more. The Imagination Theatre shows 4D films on a regular schedule. Next is Miniland, which is home to miniature, Lego versions of major cities from around the world. In Duplo Land younger children will find the Fairy Tale Brook ride and the Duplo Theatre. In the park's Traffic area, visitors can take part in Driving School, L-Drivers, Boating School and even Balloon School.

Lego City is a small Lego town complete with stunt shows and an X-Box Gaming Zone. The biggest attraction in Land of the Vikings is the Viking's River Splash. Visitors to the Kingdom of the Pharaohs will likely go on Laser Raiders or ride the Scarab Bouncers, Aero Nomad or Zamperla Jumping Star. The Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench is a draw to Pirate's Landing, and visitors also enjoy the Pirate Training Camp, which is an obstacle course of pathways, rope nets and chutes. The Dragon roller coaster is the big feature in Knights' Kingdom, and the Enchanted Forest is a beautiful walk-through nature trail. Finally you come to Adventure Land, centered around the Atlantis Submarine Voyage and the Dino Safari.

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