Valencia Information

One of the unique features of Valencia, California is that it is not actually a city at all, but a planned community that has combined with three other similar communities to form the larger area known as Santa Clarita. At one point in time, it was consistently ranked by various publications as one of the country's best places to live, due to the relative wealth, prosperity of community, and low crime rate of this affluent area. However, the recent recession and real estate crisis hit the Santa Clarita area fairly hard, and the population has not seen an increase in the 2000s, while valuable properties sit empty for extended periods of time.

Valencia's unofficial slogan is "Welcome To Awesometown", emphasizing the laid-back, picture-perfect Southern California stereotype of sunshine, beautiful weather, beautiful people, and an easygoing way of life. In fact, Valencia has done much to live up to its reputation, building an extensive system of residential "villages", each reflecting a different attitude, vibe, and way of life. All of the villages are close to the central district of Valencia, where restaurants, shopping, schools, and entertainment are all in easy walking or biking distance. Most of the villages are overseen by a homeowner's association, and policed by local neighborhood watch groups. The unique way of doing things in Valencia has typically been successful, as it has maintained a reputation for being an affluent, safe, and family-friendly community. It is also an area that actively promotes health, fitness, and not only looking good, but feeling good.

In fact, Valencia is one of the easiest places in Southern California to successfully navigate without a car, due to its roots as a suburban planned community. Although the larger Santa Clarita area will require a vehicle for sightseers and those interested in exploring the entire town,Valencia itself is the perfect place to stay in shape and enjoy walking around in the sunshine. A system of paved roads called paseos connect the entire community, making it possible to travel on foot or bicycle anywhere in Valencia without being interrupted by a major highway. The paseos extend all the way to the scenic Santa Clara River Trail, offering plenty of space for outdoor fun and exercise.

Due to its affluent way of life and proximity to Hollywood, many young residents of Valencia have gone on to pursue careers in television, film, or as professional models. Ashley Tisdale, Taylor Lautner, Tracey Gold, Michael Trevino, and many others who broke into the industry as teenagers hail from the Valencia area.

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