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Hollywood is best known for its place in the United States movie industry. The area is a district within the City of Los Angeles and does not have a city government. Hollywood sits west-northwest of the downtown area. Hollywood, also known as Tinseltown, is synonymous with the American entertainment industry.

The history of Hollywood is not as extensive as that of many American towns. As late as 1853, only one adobe structure stood in the area. Land speculators began to move in shortly after 1870. H. J. Whitley is known as the "Father of Hollywood" because of his plans for the town after buying a 500-acre tract of land. Whitley built the first important hotel in Hollywood, named the Hollywood Hotel in 1902. At this point the town sat 10 miles outside of Los Angeles and boasted only a post office, newspaper and two markets.

Patent wars in the film industry led many to believe that filming in the East was dangerous. Movie makers moved west to California to avoid the problems associated with the problematic patents. The first person to direct a movie in Hollywood was the famous D. W. Griffith. By 1915, the Los Angeles area produced the majority of films in the United States. Many famous actors moved to the Hollywood area in the early years of the film industry. In addition to its importance in the film industry, Hollywood was also home to the first television station in operation west of the Mississippi River.

Hollywood has several famous landmarks. Most of these are related to the entertainment industry. Stars long to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The headquarters of Capitol Records is located in Hollywood in a round building. In the 1980s, Hollywood became the birthplace of many hair metal bands such as Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue. The Oscars are held in Hollywood on an annual basis and this awards ceremony recognizes the leading films and actors of the previous year.

In spite of its early importance in the film industry, today only Paramount Pictures has its headquarters in Hollywood. Although it is technically a part of Los Angeles, the 2000 United States Census counted just under 211,000 people living in the Hollywood district.

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