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People around the world love movies, and many individuals are fascinated with the process of movie-making. Film is a medium that has existed for over a century, and it has transformed life for many people and cultures throughout the globe, At one time, movies were considered simple entertainment, but the film industry has now grown into one of the largest businesses in the world. Those who love movies can enjoy their favorite films in a number of ways, but serious film fans go to California to visit attractions like Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park. While there, visitors can enjoy some of the most exciting rides in southern California while learning more about how their favorite movies were made. Additionally, visitors to the park get the chance to run into some of the most notable characters in film history.

Universal Studios has been conducting tours of its facility since it opened in the early 1900s. The original tour cost just 5 cents, and it included the chance to pick some fresh fruit in the still developing region. This original tour was phased out during the 1930s, but a new type of tour was considered by executives during the 1960s. This began the era of the modern studio tour.

The tours of Universal Studios added attractions throughout the years until the tour business became a legitimate theme park with characters and rides. Because Universal Studios has been producing classic films for so long, the park has access to some of the most beloved characters in film history to use for demonstrations and rides. Thrill rides take their cues from some of the most popular action movies of the day, while other attractions make use of characters and settings that are much less adventurous, but just as attractive.

While at the park, serious film aficionados can also tour the studio's backlot to gain a sense of the workings of a modern movie studio. This gives visitors the opportunity to go behind the scenes to see how movie and television crews create the magic that appears on screens around the world. Although there is no guarantee, some visitors may even see Hollywood stars during their time at the park.

While in southern California, there are countless attractions to see and visit, but few of them are as popular or as exciting as Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park. The park is full of thrilling rides and interesting exhibits, plus it gives visitors the chance to rub elbows with Hollywood royalty. It is always adding something new, and every member of the family can enjoy the park and all it has to offer.

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