Attractions Near Universal Studios Japan

It may be one of the biggest attractions in Osaka, but there's more to the city than just Universal Studios Japan. When you've had your fill of Snoopy and Hello Kitty, try a few of these destinations:

Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle covers a staggering 15 acres of land, but believe it or not, that's a only a fraction of the land it used to command. Explore the halls of this ancient imperial stronghold and learn all about how it was built, broken and eventually restored. Not only will you enjoy a taste of authentic Japanese culture, but the historic lesson will serve you well during a visit to this great place.

Much like the city itself, Shitennoji is a mix of old and new, of tradition and innovation. Originally a Buddhist temple constructed in the sixth century, it's now a lively tourist attraction and monthly host of one of Okaka's biggest flea markets. You'll enjoy food, fun and the inherent friendliness of the Osakan people as you shop for everything from chicken-on-a-stick to hand-crafted kimono. Stop by Shitennoji for an afternoon of both education and excitement!

Osaka Aquarium
Just a train ride away from Universal Studios, the Osaka Aquarium offers a calmer, cozier alternative to the wildness of the theme park. Like Universal Studios, it has live marine life and wall-to-wall glass tanks, but it also offers a more intimate look at fish, sea lions and other family favorites like the infamous whale shark. If you're looking for a relaxing afternoon amid the frenzy of Osaka, hit up the Osaka Aquarium for a tranquil walk under the sea.

HEP Five Mall
Located in the larger-than-life Umeda Building, the HEP Five Mall is a must-see for all Osaka visitors. Not only will you enjoy countless shopping opportunities from multiple floors of shops and retailers, but the HEP Five Mall is also home to the city's biggest Ferris wheel, a red, 75-meter marvel that rotates slowly over the entire city and affords its riders an incredible view of Osaka and beyond.

Lights, cameras, action! Dotonbori is one of the busiest streets in Osaka, a pedestrian highway during the day and a shopper's playground by night. Giant neon billboards battle for attention against the bright lights of the bridges, and street vendors shout their wares above the chatter and laughter of hundreds of guests. If you brave a visit to Dotonbori, you'll have your choice of stores, shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs, and arcades for a night on the town you won't soon forget.

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