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Known as one of the friendliest cities in Japan, Osaka is a great place to meet new people and experience a side of the islands that few travelers ever do. A juxtaposition of old and new, you'll find paved roads giving way to sleek neighborhoods, high-tech phones snapping photos of ancient imperial palaces. You can wander the museums, swim the beaches and empty your wallet in the shopping districts.

Long story short, if you're looking for real excitement in the Land of the Rising Sun, this is the city where you'll find it.

Local Attractions Head over to Universal Studios Japan for wild rides or the TennĊji Zoo for fun with lions and lizards. If you're aiming for something finer, the National Bunraku Theatre offers plays, productions and puppets shows, and there's always something artsy going on at Osaka-jou Hall.

In terms of architecture, Osaka Castle is a stunning 16th century ode to Japanese royalty. There are also a number of Buddhist and Shinto shrines, like the Sumiyoshi Taisha, that are as educational as they are breathtaking.

Cuisine Craziness Okasa is famous for its food and drinking culture, meaning there's no shortage of bars, restaurants and even street vendors who make it their duty to see all guests well-fed and watered. They even have a word for it: Kuidaore, meaning "eat until you drop."

To truly take advantage of Osakan cuisine, make sure you try some udon (noodle soup) or nabe (hot pot dishes). Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) are another local delicacy, traditionally served with all-you-can-drink sake. There's also okonomiyaki (literally "as you like it") which is essentially a flat pancake filled with whatever meats and spices your heart desires. They want to make you happy in Osaka, and the universal way to happiness is through the stomach.

A Welcoming Atmosphere You may think of Japanese citizens as polite and reserved, but in Osaka there's no such thing as a stranger. You can ask for help, directions, or even company for dinner and the average Osakan won't deny you. Your foreignness won't make a difference, either, since Osaka has its own unique culture outside of the more traditional Tokyo. They even have their own way of speaking called Kansai-ben.

Making Memories To Last A Lifetime Tokyo may be the heart of Japan, but Osaka is undeniably the soul. If you're looking for a vacation you'll never forget, take a chance and head on over to Osaka. You'll enjoy all kinds of food, fun and new friends, and you won't regret a moment.

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